• May 7-8, 2020

    Last May, over 400 junior high and high school students from Arizona and Sonora, Mexico came together for the second annual Cross-Border Youth Summit. Next May, CBYS will convene over 1,000 youth delegates in Downtown Phoenix to collaborate, share experiences, and propose solutions on topics ranging from prejudice and bullying to commerce, education, and media. Help us empower these young leaders and community builders with the tools and inspiration to change lives.


















    CBYS 2018 Recap
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  • What is the Cross-Border Youth Summit?

    Commerce. Inclusion. Leadership. Awareness. Music!

    Every day, politicians, business leaders, and community advocates on both sides of the Mexico-United States border make decisions they hope will improve the lives of future generations. What does the future generation think of these decisions? What can politicians, business leaders, and community advocates learn from the youth of both countries? Research on Generation Z or the “Plurals” – the uniquely diverse and commercially powerful generation born after 1997 – suggests that they have a lot to teach.

    The Cross-Border Youth Summit is an opportunity to bring together Plurals from Mexico and the United States to share experiences and propose solutions on topics ranging from prejudice and bullying to commerce, education, and media.


    This chalk art was created at CBYS 2018 as the
    youth presented their statements.

  • Cross-Border Hip Hop Festival

    CBYS closing ceremonies and a celebration with local multicultural hip-hop artists and DJ's performing for students and special guests.








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  • Past Events


    A festival of short films and animation for the children's audience from new filmmakers and film students from Arizona and around the country. Special guests include representatives from Cartoon Network and other major children's media conglomerates. The films are for kids, but the event is for adults!

    Wednesday, June 1 2016 6:30pm
    Valley Bar, Downtown Phoenix